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奖学金 & 奖助金

奖学金 and grants are funds that you do not need to repay. 布莱恩·阿森学院 recently increased institutional financial aid to serve more students' needs, keeping 更多的狮友可以接受私立大学教育.


我们相信奖励学术成就. 优秀奖学金颁发给符合条件的学生 申请人在审查入学申请后. 每个学生都是独立的 reviewed for merit scholarships and is eligible for only one merit scholarship.


总统 $13,000
创始人 $12,000
院长 $11,000
成就奖 $5,500
  • 奖学金只适用于学杂费. 全日制注册是必需的.
  • 为了充分考虑, 在2月15日优先申请截止日期之前申请. We will continue to award scholarships after this deadline as funds allow.
  • Merit Scholarship amounts are effective for students who begin attending BAC during 2024-2025学年.
  • 奖学金 are renewable for up to four 一年s of full-time undergraduate study, provided the recipient maintains an acceptable 布莱恩·阿森学院 cumulative GPA.
  • A student eligible for employee tuition remission benefits who also qualifies for a merit scholarship will receive an adjusted amount of his/her merit award based on the terms of the tuition remission policy under which the student enrolls.


  • 奖学金 are awarded based upon the student’s cumulative high school record, including 综合加权GPA和专业选课的实力. 我们重新计算GPA 在一个标准的4.0评分标准,荣誉和AP/IB课程增加权重. 为 transfer students, scholarships are awarded based upon the student’s cumulative GPA from all colleges attended, the quality of courses, and the number of college credits 完成.
  • SAT and ACT scores are not required for scholarship consideration. Test-optional申请者 是否充分考虑了奖学金.
  • 我们通常从加权平均绩点2开始授予.75. 结合得越强 of academic records and other supporting credentials, the higher the scholarship.


新教会补助金是每年的学费折扣($3,000 per 一年) for students who are baptized into or who have a parent who is a member 三个公认的新教会组织之一. 为了接受新 教会补助金,合资格人士须新太阳集团娱乐app一份 新教会补助金申请表格 在线. 如果学生获得优异奖,奖励减半.

New Church Challenge is excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for New Church teachers interested in enrolling in the 布莱恩·阿森学院’s Master of Science 特殊教育项目. 我们提供一个 $1,000 tuition grant to each qualified applicant who desires to better support students 他们在课堂上的学习差异. 通过微分的使用 Fund, we are delighted to further our mission and support New Church communities in 这种有形的方式. 要求和申请表格在 新教会挑战网站.

Available to graduates of faith-based or religious high schools and secondary schools 不符合申请新教会补助金资格的人士. $2,700 per 一年 is awarded to students who do not qualify for other merit scholarships. Students receiving other merit scholarships from 布莱恩·阿森学院 will receive a $1000 每年的奖项.

This is an annual award for women who value a New Church higher education and who 我打算去布林·阿森学院. 有三(3)个单独的、年度奖学金 有两个奖项可供选择 $2,000 一个是 $1,000. 的y may be used toward tuition, fees, and/or on-campus room and board. 这个奖项 is granted for one 一年 and will be paid directly to the college. 接受 该奖项可在随后的年份重新申请
请填写这张申请表 的 的ta Alpha International Religion International Scholarship 更多信息,请查看 的ta Alpha International Religion International Scholarship Overview

Women who have been accepted to or are enrolled at 布莱恩·阿森学院, who desire to become New Church teachers and plan to pursue education as a major, minor, or as 是跨学科学位的一部分 申请此奖项. 奖学金: $2,100 每年最多可获批两(2)名受助人. 一个学生获得一个奖 who is new to 布莱恩·阿森学院 of the New Church (incoming freshman or transfer student), and one award is granted to a student who is currently enrolled at Bryn Athyn大学.
请填写这张申请表 的ta Alpha国际教育奖学金 更多信息,请查看 的ta Alpha国际教育奖学金概述

This is an annual award for the purpose of supporting women attending 布莱恩·阿森学院 earning a Master’s Degree who desire New Church teaching, wish to contribute to their 社区,有经济需求. 每年奖学金金额为 $2,000 (paid directly to 布莱恩·阿森学院 at the beginning of the school 一年) for up 给两位代表新教会教义的受赠人. 这项奖学金可以 用作学费或杂费. 这些奖学金是年度奖学金 并且可以每年申请一次.
请填写这张申请表 的ta Alpha国际硕士学位奖学金 更多信息,请查看 的ta Alpha国际硕士学位奖学金 Overview.

的 橡树堡奖学金 is for any student who is a member of, or in some way affiliated 橡树树教堂社区. 入选的学生每年最多可获得2100美元 (700美元/学期). Alternate sources of aid or support will be taken into account to 确定奖励资格. 每年颁发的奖项数量可能会有上限. 联系 阿什利McCarrie,以获取更多信息.

的 杜林基金资助 is offered to male Canadian students who meet certain eligibility 需求. 联系 牧师. 吉姆·库珀 了解更多信息.

的 东南地区补助金 is offered to students whose permanent residence is in one of the states included in the United States Southeast District, and who meet certain 资格要求. 这个地理区域被认为是在南方 梅森-迪克逊线及密西西比河以东(见地图). 如果你有问题 或者希望申请,请联系 the Southeast District Fund Committee at 11914 Chantilly Lane, Mitchellville, MD 20721 或电子邮件 Barryanderin@Verizon.网 了解更多信息. 马里兰州高亮地图, 西维吉尼亚州, 维吉尼亚州, 肯塔基州, 田纳西州, 北卡罗莱纳, 南卡罗来纳, 密西西比州, 阿拉巴马州, 乔治亚州, 和佛罗里达

Some New Church societies offer private scholarships to students who are members of 这个集会. 感兴趣的学生可以联系社团的财务主管.

联系 资助@syzixingche.com 了解更多信息.


的 诺贝尔计算机科学/数学奖学金 is available to a 布莱恩·阿森学院 Junior or Senior in the Interdisciplinary Degree major (Math or Computer Science area).  Candidates are selected based on academic merit at the end of the Sophomore or Junior 一年.  的 $2,000 年度奖项最多可连续两年获得.  该奖学金的资助 是由Nobre电脑服务公司提供的.

的 Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) considers nominations from member institutions for the Good Citizen Scholarship.  申请人 must be a full time undergraduate student with an extraordinary commitment to community service and who has demonstrated creativity in shaping his/her volunteer activities.  申请于4月份新太阳集团娱乐app给AICUP.


不要止步于此! You may be able to bring outside scholarships to Bryn Athyn, even 如果你获得了布林·阿森奖. 下面的网站是非常好的资源 申请额外奖学金:

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